Community and Competition Law

Advice on European Law

The experience and international vision of Ventura Garcés means that the firm has accumulated extensive knowledge of Competition Law at both a domestic and a European level.

Our team of specialists in this area of the law can offer advice to clients when they are called to appear before the competition courts both in Spain and the European Community. We have in-depth knowledge of the regulations on economic groupings. We specialise in managing the issue of notices to the CNMC (Spanish Commission on Markets and Competition) and the European Commission (in the case of operations with an EU component).

We advise clients appearing before the Spanish and European authorities in the event that sanctions proceedings are brought in relation to anti-trust practices, such as cartels, the abuse of a dominant position or practices that restrict competition. We ensure that corporate agreements and the actions taken by businesses conform to the provisions of Competition Law and their associated implications. This includes vertical and horizontal agreements between companies, such as distribution or supply agreements.