Data Protection and Privacy

Personal Data Protection Law

Nowadays the regulation of Data Protection and Privacy is in constant evolution due to the incessant appearance of new technologies that involve the processing of personal data. Our team of lawyers adapts proactively to these changes, which allows us to have an exhaustive and updated knowledge of the subject.

Personal Data Protection

We carry out audits and adaptation plans to ensure that companies comply with data protection regulations (General Data Protection Regulations and the Spanish Law on Data Protection and Guaranteeing Digital Rights), in their capacity as either data controllers or data processors.

We offer continuous advice to our clients to ensure proper compliance with the obligations set out in data protection legislation, as this legislation applies to the business engaged in by the client (preparation of records of processing activities, risk analysis, impact assessments relating to data protection, management and notification of data security violations, among other actions).

We also provide comprehensive support for the Data Protection Delegate or Data Protection Officers appointed by companies.

Representation during inspections and sanctions procedures

We provide our clients with advice and legal defence in the area of data protection in the event of inspections, sanctions procedures and court proceedings.