Employment Law

Advice on Employment Matters

At Ventura Garcés we know how important it is to have a comprehensive legal service that can advise companies on their decision-making and the successful management of their business. We therefore have an expert team of employment lawyers who can provide the appropriate legal advice for each client’s individual circumstances.

We cover all aspects of company management, providing support for Management and Human Resources Departments and helping them to optimise their decision-making processes. We offer them advice both on contracting issues and on the design of incentives and bonuses. Our lawyers provide them with legal assistance in their negotiations with trades unions and works committees, ensuring good relations.

In the area of dismissals, both collective and disciplinary, we provide the necessary advice on restructuring, disciplinary procedures and sanctions. We manage the details of internal policy, such as the drafting of codes of ethics and company manuals. We also assist with contractual matters and the duty of confidentiality among senior management.