Litigation and Arbitration

At Ventura Garcés we defend our clients’ interests, providing them with legal advice in all kinds of litigation, arbitration and bankruptcy proceedings. We act in both the ordinary courts and before boards of arbitration, guaranteeing solutions in civil, commercial and corporate matters.

Resolution of Contractual Disputes

Our lawyers are committed to identifying solutions for our clients and avoiding conflicts in contractual matters. We appear in court actions and mediate between the parties involved: suppliers, logistics and sales networks and providers of corporate goods and services. We give procedural legal advice on matters such as distribution agreements, mergers and acquisitions, franchising, agency and supply agreements and engineering and construction contracts, among other areas.

Resolution of Corporate Disputes

We also provide legal advice and mediate in corporate disputes with customers (liability for defective products, sale and purchase agreements, claims for hidden defects, warranties, etc) and disputes with competitors (we can provide legal solutions in unfair competition actions, for example).

Our advice in the area of litigation is comprehensive and covers issues as varied as the renegotiation of business debts, litigation with subcontractors, director liability and disputes between shareholders.

Experience in Arbitration

Thanks to our presence both in Spain and internationally, we have wide-ranging experience and technical know-how in the area of arbitration proceedings. We have appeared as both a party and as arbitrators on the main domestic and international stages, such as the Spanish Court of Arbitration, the Civil and Commercial Court of Arbitration (CIMA), the Barcelona Court of Arbitration (TAB), the Madrid Court of Arbitration (CAM), the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Legal Proceedings

Our litigation experts act to defend the interests of the firm’s clients in a variety of different scenarios. Our international vision means that we can offer advice and act in legal proceedings with an international content. We defend our clients’ interests in cases that involve proceedings between companies from different countries, as well as in the enforcement of court judgements, arbitration awards and payment orders handed down across Europe. We also represent the firm’s clients in the contentious-administrative courts.