Commercial and Corporate

Commercial Contracting and Company Law

At Ventura Garcés we assist companies with their commercial contracting processes and offer specialist advice on all issues relating to company law.

Commercial Contracting

Our advice to businesses includes attending to all their needs and responding to any legal issues that may arise during the commercial contracting process. Our team of commercial lawyers is involved from the negotiation phase through to the drafting of commercial agreements. We specialise in following up the contracting process in a variety of business sectors, such as sales (agencies, distribution, franchising), the industrial sector (supplies, plant and equipment maintenance, technology licences) and transport.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our multidisciplinary approach in the area of corporate law allows us to advise clients on the acquisition, sale and splitting up of companies, businesses and assets. We plan operations taking account of all the parties involved; sellers, investors, debtors and creditors. We analyse and support start-ups, advising on financing and promoting agreements. We assist with the legal aspects of corporate restructuring, winding-up and due diligence processes. We are also specialists in private equity and venture capital operations.

Company Operations

We play a proactive role in the incorporation of companies in a range of sectors. We take care of the legal issues involved in the creation of joint ventures. We advise on both increases and reductions in share capital. We also advise on agreements between shareholders, offering proposals and tailor-made solutions.

Business Expansion

We have wide-ranging experience of advising Spanish companies on all the legal aspects required to achieve an international presence. Thanks to our international network of associate offices, we can offer our clients all the legal services they may require when operating abroad. We provide continuous specialist legal support services that are tailored to their requirements at all times.